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She continued to say: “Stop us in an empty corner, beat us severely, grab the doll back, and then threaten us not to enter their store again in the future, otherwise they will just beat us whenever they see us.”

Lin Xiaoxiao laughed dryly twice: “Sister-in-law, you are really good at telling cold jokes.”

Song Jinxi: “……”

She is indeed joking, but she doesn’t think she’s telling a cold joke at all…

“Moreover, this Video Arcade belongs to the Shen family.” Lin Xiaoxiao said, “The assets of the Shen family are easy to identify.

If a small ‘Shen’ letter is written under the trademark, it can basically be confirmed that it is the property of the Shen family.”

Song Jinxi nodded thoughtfully.

“But even if this Video Arcade is not owned by the Shen family, if they really dare to catch up, I can beat all of them down by myself!” Lin Xiaoxiao said, and then suddenly became interested, “By the way, Sister-in-law, I don’t seem to have told you about my future plans.”

Song Jinxi looked at her: “What is it”

“This is my life plan!” Lin Xiaoxiao said, “My grades have always been bad, and I don’t like studying too.

I originally didn’t want to go to college, and I planned to join the military after finishing high school.”

Song Jinxi: “Your family shouldn’t agree, right”

This little girl seems to think differently from girls of her age.

Lin Xiaoxiao nodded and said: “Yeah, they all do not agree with it.”

She sighed faintly and continued: “In the past, my mother would only persuade me occasionally, saying that being a soldier was too hard and asked me to change my mind.

On the surface, I said I would seriously consider it, but in fact, I spent every day in school hoping that my high school life would end early.”

“She probably saw something too and she directly asked my four brothers to come and make up lessons for me, pressing me to study every day.”

“But it doesn’t matter.

They have a powerful strategy but I also have a plan to deal with it.”

“I will pretend to study hard now, and then I will be a good girl for a few years.

When the results of the college entrance examination are over, if I do well in the test, I will secretly apply to the military academy.

If I don’t do well, I will directly join the military as a soldier.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

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With such a comprehensive plan, it didn’t seem like she only started to have this kind of idea just in a short time.

It seems to have been premeditated for a long time already.

However, if she remembered correctly, the system seemed to have said that she had just entered the novel world.

Then how could she have such a thorough and firm plan in such a short period of time

Song Jinxi looked at Lin Xiaoxiao with a surprised face: “Are you serious”

Lin Xiaoxiao nodded, “Very serious.

Extremely serious, even.”

“Why do you want to join the military so much” Song Jinxi asked again.

“This is my dream all along, and my family also knows it.” Lin Xiaoxiao’s expression showed as if it was all a matter of course.

Song Jinxi was silent.

What does she mean by…

This has been her dream all along

When she first read the novel, it didn’t seem to mention that the Female Lead wanted to be a soldier.


She recalled it very, very carefully.

It seems to have been mentioned in the original book that the Female Lead admires the green military uniform very much.

Wait, wait a minute…

Song Jinxi didn’t understand at all.

This Lin Xiaoxiao was a transmigrator.

She was not interested in the original Male Lead at all, which is completely different from the original Female Lead.

It can be proved that she is indeed a transmigrator.

And her emotions are not affected by the original Female Lead’s emotions too.

But when her words of ‘her dream all along’ and ‘the family also knows about it’ were connected together, she became puzzled instead.

It always felt like something wasn’t quite right.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t look at the road under her feet.


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