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Chapter 4503: Evil cultivator master

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“Because we have to train together, I have been very close to Wu Bao Liang in the past few years.

I know everything about him.” Cheng haonan laughed complacently, then said,””He once told me that he had a master who was extremely powerful.

All of his heretic practitioner techniques were personally taught to him by his master.

Now that his disciple has died in Ling Yis hands, if his master were to find out about this, do you think hed let this matter rest”

“Thats definitely not possible!” Long kuiba immediately became excited.

His eyes were shining as he rubbed his hands and said,”If it was just an ordinary in-name disciple, it might not be a big deal.

But since Wu Bao Liangs cultivation method was taught by his master personally, he is a direct disciple, and his status is the same as his own son.

Its impossible for him not to be mad after knowing it.”

“Hehe, thats right.” Cheng haonan nodded.

If his son, Cheng Qitian, died, he would fly into a rage.

Now that Wu baoliang was dead, his master would be the same.

“So, vice escort Cheng is planning to find Wu Bao Liangs master” Long kuiba asked.


Its not a plan.

Ive already found one!” Cheng haonan laughed complacently.

“Ah Hes so fast Then wouldnt Ling Yi be dead for sure” Long kuiba couldnt help but be overjoyed.

At the same time, he was also shocked by Cheng haonans efficiency.

Only a few hours had passed since he was chased by those people, and this guy had already contacted Wu baoliangs master.

It could be seen how urgent his desire for revenge was.

“Of course, Wu Bao Liangs master is a real devil, even among the evil cultivators, he is a transcendent existence with a fierce reputation! “Dont look at how strong Wu Bao Liang is.

In front of his master, this level of strength is not even worth mentioning.

Even a xuansheng stage expert would die if he were to meet him.

As long as he is willing to help, even a hundred Ling Yis would die without a doubt, hehehehe …” Cheng haonan nodded his head with a confident look and laughed hideously.

The reason why he took the risk to stay in the demon cold city was to wait for Wu Bao Liangs master to come.

When he had this strong backing, he could be unscrupulous and take revenge himself.

“Even a xuansheng stage expert cant fight against it Thats great!” Long kuiba was overjoyed.

The South continents waters were chaotic, but it was not the core of the Sky Class Island.

Although there were all kinds of powerful people, there were only a few who could be considered top masters.

A xuansheng stage master could do whatever he wanted, not to mention a xuansheng stage master who couldnt even fight against him.

Long kuiba was initially worried that Wu Bao Liangs master wouldnt help him.

After all, he was an evil cultivator.

If he didnt have enough shocking and powerful strength, he would only die if he was surrounded and attacked.

However, after hearing Cheng haonans words, there was nothing to worry about.

“Boundless sea is despicable and shameless.

Hes also the main culprit behind our deaths.

Should we ask this expert to kill him as well” Long kuiba asked.

His hatred for boundless sea was even greater than Lin Yis.

After all, Lin Yi only killed Wu Bao Liang, but boundless sea destroyed his entire Dragon Boat escort.

“Then forget it.

Boundless sea is our personal enemy.

Trying to connect him to Wu Bao Liangs death is a bit too far-fetched.

Wu Bao Liangs master might not listen to us.” Cheng haonan shook his head and said in fear,””If this expert thinks that were making use of him, it wont be good,”

“Yeah, thats true.

We have an expert backing us up, so I doubt boundless sea will dare to do anything to us.

Well have plenty of chances to take care of him in the future.” Long kuiba nodded his head with some regret, but he didnt dwell on this matter.

He changed the topic and asked,””When will this expert come”

“It should be soon.

If Im not wrong, we should arrive here tomorrow!” Cheng haonan laughed complacently.

“So fast Could it be that this expert is in the South continents sea” Long kuiba couldnt help but be surprised again.

He looked at Cheng haonan with a burning gaze.

He originally didnt have any thoughts about the South continent escort agency Alliance conference tomorrow.

But if he really arrived tomorrow, it would be a very different story.

If they could drag this out until tomorrow, even if they could kill Ling Yi to regain their dignity, at least the Longzhou escort agency would not be able to get any orders.

This was because most of the orders in the South continents waters would be divided up by tomorrow.

With the current awkward position of the Longzhou escort agency, they would not even be able to get the soup, let alone the meat.

However, if Wu Bao Liangs master came fast enough and completed the counterattack before the order was finalized tomorrow, the situation would be different.

“No, but according to Wu Bao Liang, the location is not far from the South continents sea.

The reason I was able to contact him so quickly this time was actually because of a special internal method.

When Wu Bao Liang came to my place, he was afraid of being hunted down by the people of the three great pavilions, so he told me in advance that if anything happened to him, I would use this secret door to inform his master.

It was originally just a preparation for a rainy day, but now it has come in handy.

” Cheng haonan explained.

“Good, thats great!” Long kuiba nodded his head repeatedly in joy.

His original gloominess and melancholy were swept away and he became excited again.

He grinned hideously and said,”F * ck, the root of all this trouble is this Ling Yi.

If it wasnt for him, we wouldnt have gone out of our way to ask boundless sea for help, and we wouldnt have given him a handle.

We can finally get our revenge.”

“Thats right, this brat must die.

If I dont kill him with my own hands tomorrow, I, Cheng haonan, am not a human!” Cheng haonan said through gritted teeth.

In fact, if it werent for the fight in the ring during the day, he wouldve had a high chance of killing Lin Yi.

It was just that Lin Yi fell off the ring and he didnt have the chance to do so.

If he could ignore the rules and chase after Lin Yi, Lin Yi wouldve been a cold corpse by now.

However, this regret could be made up for when Wu Bao Liangs master arrived tomorrow.

“Haha, that kid is already destined to be a dead man.

For tomorrows revenge, lets drink!” Long kuiba laughed complacently.

“Well said, cheers!” Cheng haonan also laughed out loud.

While the two were celebrating, the thorn in their side, the target they had to kill, Lin Yi, was in his room breaking through.

In fact, during the day, he had already faintly touched the barrier of upgrading.

Although he was not stuck in the middle stage of the jiedan stage for a long time, he was, after all, a master of the jiedan stage who had a perfect breakthrough.

The breakthrough was far less difficult than that of ordinary jiedan stage Masters.

Basically, as long as the intent realm was reached, the breakthrough was a matter of natural success.

After fighting Wu baoliang three times in a row, and then the even stronger Cheng haonan, Lin Yi had clearly entered this indescribable state.

(To be continued.) ”

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