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Chapter 97 Capturing The Leader First

The two AOE skills Lu Yu could use now were Split Claw and Dragon Fist.

However, the power of Dragon Fist was too terrifying.

Lu Yu felt that it was better not to use it for now.

If he used Dragon Fist, these people in front of him would probably all die.

Moreover, the accumulation stage of the Dragon Power needed for the Dragon Fist was also slow.

Lu Yus current progress was only three tigers worth.

Ten ox power equals one tiger power, ten tiger power equals one elephant power, ten elephant power equals one dragon power!

This process was extremely slow.

When Lu Yu cultivated alone, the accumulation rate was slow, and only when he used dragon skills would he accumulate this dragon power faster.


In the current situation, it seemed like he could only retreat for a while and wait until the Flaming Claws cooldown was over before continuing the battle!

At that moment, Lu Yu saw Liu Xiao and the other two from the corner of his eye.

Perhaps if he could capture these three, he would be able to end this trial.

Hence, Lu Yu started to break through in the direction of Liu Xiao and the others!

The freshmen before him rushed over, and Lu Yu did not hesitate to swing his claws as he charged forward!

“Lu Yu, surrender obediently.

You cant win!”

The first freshman who took the lead to rush over swung his saber and slashed at Lu Yu!

Following that, Lu Yu waved his sharp claws and cut off his opponents saber.

At the same time, the pointed tip of his claws sliced through the opponents chest, and fresh blood instantly spurted out.

After defeating the first person, Lu Yu continued to rush forward.

He brandished his sharp claws and broke through the encirclement layers with a terrifying aura!

No one could block Lu Yus charge.

Those blocking Lu Yu were all defeated by Lu Yus claws!

In almost an instant, Lu Yu broke through the encirclement and charged toward Liu Xiao and the other two.

The freshmen behind him followed up, trying to stop Lu Yu.

However, their speed was utterly inferior to Lu Yus!

When Liu Xiao and the other two saw Lu Yu break through the encirclement, they immediately panicked.

“What a bunch of trash! They cant stop him!”

Liu Xiao was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

This was ridiculous! There were so many people, but they couldnt even stop one person.

Zhao Kai, standing at the side, analyzed the situation.

“Lu Yus attack is extremely high.

Most of the people he attacked were defeated with one strike.

Even if he encountered someone with high defense, he would only attack twice at most.”

Liu Xiao let out a long sigh.

“Dont tell me that this guy doesnt have any weaknesses With such high attack power, its not going to be easy for the three of us to fight him.”

Xu Mao stood up and took out the longsword in his hand.

I think the three of us can take him down.

The prerequisite is that I break through his defense first.

Once thats done, we will win!”

Seeing Xu Maos confidence, Liu Xiao had some hope in his heart.

“Alright, Ill trust you this time.

Zhao Kai and I will hold the front while you find an opportunity to break through his defense!”

Liu Xiao and Zhao Kai took out their weapons simultaneously and were ready for battle.

At that moment, the seniors outside the arena were excitedly watching the chaotic battle in the square.

They got excited as this was the first time they had seen such an intense battle.

Especially when they saw Lu Yu break the encirclement and rush toward Liu Xiao, they were so excited that they held their breath.

“Lu Yu is rushing over.

The tide of the battle is about to change!”

“If he fought against those three from the start, this battle would have ended long ago!”

“Thats impossible.

Those three arent weak, and they come from good backgrounds.

How could all three of them lose to one person”

“Are you blind Didnt you see Lu Yus performance just now Hes going to win this time.

I cant wait to cash in my bet!”

“If these three couldnt even defeat one person in a three-on-one fight, it would be too embarrassing!”

The seniors were discussing it animatedly.

They debated whether Lu Yu could defeat those three freshmen, which would directly affect the entire battle.

The match would be over if Lu Yu could take down his opponent in a one-on-three fight!

All eyes were on Lu Yu at this moment.

Even the hundred or so people behind Lu Yu stopped fighting and looked over.

At that moment, Lu Yu was charging at high speed toward Liu Xiao and the other two.

There were ten bodyguards behind Liu Xiao.

Liu Xiao ordered loudly, “The few of you, follow me to take down Lu Yu!”

After shouting, Liu Xiao and Zhao Kai rushed toward Lu Yu together, with the ten bodyguards behind them.

Zhao Kai was the first to bear the brunt.

This time, he changed his weapon to a golden war hammer!

He swung the war hammer with all his might and smashed it at Lu Yu!

The war hammer was burning with raging flames, bringing intense pressure as it was about to smash onto Lu Yus face!

The next moment, the war hammer smashed onto Lu Yus and went through Lu Yus afterimage.

Liu Xiao hurriedly shouted, “Watch your back!”

Zhao Kai hurriedly let go of the war hammer and quickly turned around to look behind him!

However, Lu Yu appeared beside him!

“Damn it!” Zhao Kai cursed and quickly used his hands to block the front of his body.

Lu Yu swung his claw over, and the sharp claws slashed onto Zhao Kais wrist guard!

With a loud crack, Kai Zhaos wrist guards were shattered into pieces.

At the same time, his sharp claws left bloody wounds on Kai Zhaos forearms.

As the pain hit, Kai Zhao gritted his teeth and shouted ferociously, “How dare you shatter my blue jade wrist guards! I wont forgive you!”

He was injured, but he still cared more about his wrist guards.

It seemed like this equipment of his was very precious.

Then, Lu Yu swung his second attack!

His sharp claws slashed across Zhao Kais chest!


Zhao Kais chest armor shattered, falling heavily to the ground.

Three clean-cut, deep and bloody wounds appeared on his chest.

This shows how sharp Lu Yus claws were!

Zhao Kai retreated continuously.

The intense pain caused his facial expression to distort.

“Damn it, why is his attack so high!”

He just couldnt understand why his 200 defense was nothing before Lu Yu.

He was almost defeated in two hits.

He retreated a few steps and then sat on the ground.

“Young Master Liu, the rest is up to you!”

Liu Xiao held his saber tightly with both hands.

A cold sweat was already forming on his forehead.

Lu Yus battle performance just now had shocked him greatly.

It made him tremble with fear, making it difficult for him to move his feet.

“You guys, hurry up and attack! What are you waiting for” Liu Xiao shouted loudly.

He would not let himself be the first to rush up and get beaten up for nothing.

His underlings would take the brunt of the force, and only then would he rush into the fight.

The ten bodyguards behind Liu Xiao looked at each other and gulped.

Then, they began to rush at Lu Yu.

After seeing that his bodyguards went ahead, he brandished his weapon and followed them.


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