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Chapter 51 The Amethyst Toxic Dragons Counterattack

While Lu Yu and Yun Zirou were still debating whether or not to escape, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon broke out of the ground and charged toward them in the blink of an eye.

Lu Yu hurriedly raised his claws and entered into a battle stance.

Yun Zirou took two steps back and prepared to cast a crowd control skill.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon let out an angry roar at Lu Yu, “Roar!!!!”

Along with its angry roar, countless drops of poisonous liquid sprayed out like torrential rain, washing toward the two of them.

Lu Yu roughly estimated the range and speed of the poisonous liquid gushing toward them and realized that he could dodge it.

However, it was difficult for Yun Zirou.

Lu Yu did not hesitate and directly rushed toward Yun Zirou.

“Stay behind me! Ill help you block the poison!”

Yun Zirou was originally worried about how she would dodge the Amethyst Toxic Dragons AOE attack.

Seeing that Lu Yu took the initiative to come over, she nodded without hesitation.

Yun Zirou reminded him, “If you cant withstand the poison attack, I still have an antidote here.”

Lu Yu nodded and said, “Dont worry, your antidote wont be of any use.”

A moment later, the wave of poison slammed into them.

Seeing this, Yun Zirou hurriedly half-squatted down and hugged Lu Yus sturdy waist with both hands.

Lu Yu began to activate his skill, Dragon Scales!

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On top of the original small scales on his arm grew new scales shaped like melon seeds.

The new dragon scales were dark gold in color.

It was shiny and pure, without a single flaw.

After covering his defense, Lu Yu activated his skill, Flaming Claws.

The Flaming Claws skill had two forms.

One was a large-scale firestorm, and the other was a small-scale flaming claw attack.

Lu Yu swung his claws, and a wave of flames was released, expanding in the surroundings.

Yun Zirou felt a tinge of heat.

She looked up and was surprised.

“This scale, this claw.

You have a dragon claw!” Yun Zirou exclaimed.

She scanned her surroundings and realized she was at the center of a flaming storm.

As for the large area of poisonous liquid, it instantly evaporated and turned into a purple mist after landing on the flaming storm.

As the poisonous liquid was being burned, it emitted a sizzling sound.

In just a short while, the wave of toxic liquid evaporated into smoke.

Once the poison evaporated and disappeared, the raging inferno storm also ended.

Lu Yu did not need to keep casting this raging inferno storm.

After all, such a large-scale damage skill would not greatly affect a Boss with such high health.

At most, it would have a burning effect that would continue to shave off its health.

At that moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon suffered from the aforementioned burning effect.

The intense pain caused it to let out a roar.

But very quickly, it endured the pain and charged toward Lu Yu!

Seeing this, Lu Yu felt his chest tighten.

This dragon was about to activate its skill, Bite!

This creature had a lot of long-range attacks.

There was no need for it to engage in close combat at all.

It could deal with most of its enemies just by spitting out poison.

It dared to charge toward Lu Yu now because it wanted to activate its skill, Bite!

Lu Yu had no intention of taking damage that could bypass his armor.

Even though he could endure it, it would not feel good.

Hence, Lu Yu placed his hands in front of his chest and prepared to use his skill, Strong Wall!

At that moment, Yun Zirou, who was hiding behind Lu Yu, saw the Amethyst Toxic Dragon charging toward them.

She panicked.

She got worried when she saw that Lu Yu was prepared to take it head-on.

Following that, she opened her eyes wide and prepared to use her Eye of Illusion again!

However, when she opened her eyes wide, she saw that the Amethyst Toxic Dragon had closed its eyes and was charging toward them that way!

As expected, this beast would not fall for it a second time.

Yun Zirou continued to activate her Eye of Illusion, but the Amethyst Toxic Dragons eyelids only twitched for a moment and still did not open.

Yun Zirou gritted her teeth and said, “This beasts resistance is too strong!”

Then, she squatted beside Lu Yus ear and tried to persuade him, “Quickly get out of the way.

Dont take this guys attack head-on!”

Previously, the Amethyst Toxic Dragons tail swept over Lu Yu and sent him flying, causing quite a bit of damage.

Now that this monster was charging over aggressively, its attack was definitely not weaker than the previous attack.

However, Lu Yu shook his head slightly and rejected her, “Dont worry, I can take it head-on.”

Yun Zirou was a little puzzled.

She did not know where Lu Yus confidence came from, but she still chose to believe and continued to stand behind Lu Yu.

As Lu Yus speed was not as fast as the Amethyst Toxic Dragons, it was very difficult for him to dodge its attack.

However, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon closed its eyes under the effect of Yun Zirous Eye of Illusion.

This supposedly created an opportunity for Lu Yu to dodge.

However, Lu Yu did not choose to dodge.

If he dodged, Yun Zirou behind him might be unable to get out unscathed.

The next moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragons bloodstained jaw opened, and its densely packed sharp teeth bit into Lu Yu!

At that moment, Lu Yu activated his skill, Strong Wall, blocking 90% of the damage for a short period of time.

With the defense of his Dragon Scales, he could completely block the dragons Bite without taking any damage!

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon opened its jaws wide and swallowed Lu Yus entire body.

When it bit down hard, a crisp sound was heard!

A layer of barrier appeared on Lu Yus body and blocked the Amethyst Toxic Dragons sharp fangs!

A moment later, Lu Yus Strong Wall skill disappeared! He immediately activated his dragon skill, Flaming Claw, and slashed towards the depths of the Amethyst Toxic Dragons throat!

Lu Yus claws gathered white-hot flames.

The moment he swung his claws, bright and superheated flames instantly shot out, filling the entire jaw of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon!

The intense high temperature and the sharp slash caused the Amethyst Toxic Dragon to howl in pain as it retreated.

It shook its head frantically, trying to get rid of the flames in its mouth.

At the same time, blood spewed out from the wounds created by the claw attacks.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragons jaw was now a bloody mess.

Lu Yu did not give the Amethyst Toxic Dragon a chance.

He waved his claws and charged toward it.

When the Amethyst Toxic Dragon saw Lu Yu charging toward it, it immediately endured the pain and prepared to fight again!

Just as Lu Yu was about to reach it, a ball of poison started pooling in the Amethyst Toxic Dragons jaw!

Following that, a powerful jet of poison shot from its jaws like a high-pressure water gun!

By the time Lu Yu reacted, it was already too late.

Under the high pressure, the speed of the poison was extremely fast, much faster than Lu Yus movement speed.

Moreover, Lu Yu had caused great damage to the Amethyst Toxic Dragons jaw just now.

It gave Lu Yu the sense of a false illusion that this dragon wouldnt use its jaws to spew poison anymore.

The poison sprayed over and directly onto Lu Yus entire body!

The poisonous liquid covered Lu Yus entire body.

Very soon, a sense of powerlessness washed over him, making Lu Yus limbs weak.

Following that, he felt that his consciousness was fading.

His head was dizzy, and he felt he could pass out at any moment.


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