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Chapter 3 Letdown, The Weakest Weapon Possible

At the end of the awakening ceremony, it was finally Lu Yus turn to go on stage.

Lu Yu stepped forward and walked toward the stage.

Everyones attention was focused on him, and there was a heated discussion.

Lu Yu had always been among the best in his class in terms of cultural studies, with his sports results also excellent.

Not only that, Lu Yu was handsome and mature.

Everyone knew him as that one excellent student.

“Its finally Lu Yus turn.

Hes so outstanding in every aspect; his awakened talent shouldnt be bad!”


“Of course thats the case.

Su Qing has already awakened an A-level talent, so Lu Yu should at least be a B-leve!”

“Im so envious.

If only I was so outstanding.”

“It seems that in this class, the only one who can match up to Su Qing is Lu Yu.”


After that, everyone fell silent, not willing to say anything more.

While the crowd was discussing this, Lu Yu had already arrived at the center of the array formation.

The array mages controlled the energy in their hands and began the ritual.

When they activated the array formation, the array mages closed their eyes to sense the energy.

However, they quickly frowned.

You are reading on MYBO XN 0 V E L.


They couldnt feel any energy fluctuation in Lu Yus body! Logically speaking, this shouldnt be the case!

The array mages opened their eyes.

After exchanging glances, they continued the activation of the array formation.

They rhythmically gestured with their hands, and the energy flowed throughout the surroundings.

Lu Yu noticed the array mages frowning and couldnt help but be even more nervous.

If the talent he had awakened was terrible, what should he do then…

At that moment, an array mage opened his eyes and stopped moving his hands.

He frowned and let out a long sigh.

Then, he took out an ancient book, which recorded all the talent ever awakened in the past.

Soon, he found Lu Yus talent.

Because it was discreet, he had to flip through the book for a long time before finding it.

[ Claw Attack: You can swing your sharp claws to attack the enemy.



This was Lu Yus talent.

Its introduction was short and also ordinary.

His talent level was only an F.


In the ranking of more than a thousand talents, the Claw Attacks strength was ranked 999th.


It could be said to be the lowest and most trashy talent!

It was even given a nickname, [ The Weakest Weapon Possible ]

This talent was useless.

Its weak in battle and was also not useful enough to use for any job-related applications.


After the host received the results, he faced everyone and announced Lu Yus talent.

Everyone looked at the host anxiously, curious about Lu Yus talent.

“Lu Yus talent is Claw Attack, and his talent is F-level!”

Once these words were said, the entire hall fell silent.

Some students knew the talent of being crowned with the title of the weakest weapon possible.

Before the awakening ceremony, they had spent all their time and energy rummaging through the books that recorded all possible talents.

They would find a talent they liked and fantasize about the days after they awakened this talent.


Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that Lu Yu would awaken such a trash talent!

“Is this for real Its actually the talent Claw Attack This is too unlucky!”

“Im feeling much better now.

I also have a F-level talent.”

“As expected, most people have F-level talent.”

“Hes still stronger than me.

I dont have any talent at all…”

Lu Yu clenched his fists in the center of the ceremony array.

He did not expect that he would awaken such a weak talent.

This was really a hell-mode difficulty beginning…


It seemed that if he wanted to advance in the future, he had no choice but to evolve.

However, evolution was not something that an ordinary person like him could undergo…

The current Lu Yu could only take things one step at a time.

He stood up and prepared to walk down the awakening ceremony stage.


An array mage suddenly called out to Lu Yu.

Vaguely, the array mage seemed to have noticed a difference in Lu Yus talent.

He seemed to have seen another unknown talent with an SSS rank in that instant!

He did not realize Lu Yus talent was Claw Attack until the ceremony ended.

It wasnt that he had forgotten about its existence.

Lu Yus talent was indeed different from the normal Claw Attack.

The array mage rubbed his eyes and looked at Lu Yu again, but found nothing.

It seemed like it was indeed Claw Attack.

He must have seen it wrongly.

With this thought in mind, the array mage waved his hand and said, “Its nothing.

You can go back now…”

Lu Yu shrugged and didnt say anything else.

He walked back into the crowd.

The students lively atmosphere from before became awkward and cold.

They all knew Lu Yus family background.

Lu Yus life would be even more difficult in the future if he didnt awaken a good talent.

They all wanted to comfort Lu Yu, but they didnt know what to say.


Lu Yus F-level talent made them lament the gap between the two gifted students in their school.

Fate is certainly a cruel mistress.


The homeroom teacher looked at Lu Yu, shook his head slightly, and sighed.


Su Qing and Lu Yu were the two students he had been looking forward to the most.

Although Su Qing had shocked him, Lu Yus talent was a regretful one.


Before the awakening ceremony, he had always thought that Lu Yu, outstanding in all aspects, would awaken a good talent.

But reality slapped him in the face.

Class Twos awakening ceremony ended, and the results were reported to the school quickly.

In the principals office, the principal couldnt help but sigh after reading the awakening records.

Before the awakening ceremony, they had taken note of the gifted students, and among them, Lu Yu attracted his attention.


The school had planned to allocate more resources to these gifted students in the future.

And Lu Yu was a talent that they cared about.

Now that the results were out, he felt somewhat helpless about the situation.

He had no choice but to distribute the resources to other outstanding students.

After the ceremony ended, people would come over to comfort Lu Yu on the way back to class.

“Lu Yu, dont be discouraged.

F-level is fine.

Most of us are at this level.”

“Although you have put in a lot of effort, the talent you awake is something that no one could predict.”

“Dont worry, Lu Yu.

I have a C-level talent.

From now on, Ill take care of you!”


Although Lu Yu knew they were here to comfort him, this pitiful look made him very uncomfortable.

There were so many people who had awakened F-level talents.

Why were they just coming to console him

“Thank you for your kind intentions.”

The others did not say anything else and began to research their own talents.

Returning to the class, Lu Yu suddenly remembered the ability he had obtained by accident.


Since he could really see the talents of others, could he also see his own


Hence, when he looked down, he found that a panel had appeared in front of him!


The panel still displayed the talent Claw Attack.

However, there was no level effect below.

Instead, there were five evolutionary paths.

[ Talent, Claw Attack, Five evolution paths ]

[ Cat Claw Path ][ Bear Paw Path ][ Eagle Strike Path ][ Snake Tooth Path ][ Dragon Claw Path ]

[ Cat Claw evolution effect: Greatly increases agility.

Increases stealth, speed, and strength in the dark ]

[ Bear Paw evolution effect: Greatly increases strength ]

[ Eagle Strike evolution effect: Greatly increases attack power, armor-piercing ability, grip power ]

[ Snake Tooth evolution effect: Attacks carry venom.

Shoot out poisonous fangs, a long-range attacks ]

[ Dragon Claw evolution effect (Special Route): temporarily unknown effect… temporarily unknown number of times it can grow… ]


Following that, a series of materials needed for evolution were presented.



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