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Chapter 291 Sneak Attack, Poison Doctor

In the corridor, an assassin from the Lionheart Empire was advancing toward Xu Yuan.

A powerful aura was emitting from his body, causing Xu Yuan to gulp.

Although his medical skills were high, he was far inferior in combat strength.

He had the title of poison doctor, so it was a given that he would fight using poison.

The biggest headache was that this assassin before him had chased after him several times, so he was already familiar with Xu Yuans fighting style.

Xu Yuan felt a strong sense of danger once the assassin had come prepared.

“Youre dead, and theres no way for you to escape today!”

“Ive already figured out your strengths and weaknesses.

Killing you would be as easy as killing a chicken!”

The assassin said these words confidently, as he was familiar with Xu Yuans methods.

Xu Yuan would die today.

As for the two others next to Xu Yuan, he didnt take them to heart.

A doctor and a patient would not pose much of a threat to him.

At that moment, Xu Yuan turned his head to look at Lu Yu and said, “Im here because of your family, so you have to take responsibility.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu was displeased.

He was a selfish guy, unwilling to take responsibility for the surgery but wanting Lu Yu to take accountability for the danger Xu Yuan brought.

This wasnt very pleasant, and Lu Yu realized that this person might not be reliable.

Of course, the assassin before them was menacing and dangerous too.

Therefore, Lu Yu decided to protect his aunts safety first.

“Hes here because of you, so you handle it.

I believe you have the ability, so I will protect my family first.”

As Lu Yu said that, he walked toward the operating theater and pushed the door open.

Xu Yuan panicked and quickly shouted, “Lu Yu, only I can save your aunt!”

Lu Yu stopped in his tracks and faintly replied, “Even so, I have to move my aunt to a safe place first.”

As he spoke, he walked in with Doctor Zhao following closely behind him.

The assassin started running to Xu Yuan.

“Hahaha, you trash! Do you think that young man can save you This is all youve got”

The next moment, he closed in on Xu Yuan.

He reached his hands behind his back and pulled out his two long swords, and was about to stab Xu Yuan with them.

Xu Yuan suddenly tensed up, and his muscles tightened.

The cobra staff in his right hand suddenly became alive and curled up on his arm.

This poison snake staff had transformed into a living being.

When it coiled around his arm, it opened its jaw and revealed its sharp fangs.

“This little spray of venom is nothing to me!”

His two swords slashed over as the tips of the swords flashed with a terrifying cold light.

Xu Yuan hurriedly controlled the venomous snake on his arm to shoot out two streams of venom, aiming straight at the assassins eyes.

Immediately after, the assassins wrists shook, and the two long swords engaged the venom in mid-air.

With a flick of his blades, the toxin in the air was repelled away!

Upon seeing this, Xu Yuan retreated to avoid the assassins incoming attack.

However, the assassin was much faster than him, as the two swords stabbed him quickly.

Xu Yuan quickly used his right arm to block his body.

When the swords tip reached him, it struck the cobra coiled around his arm.

The cobras hard scales blocked the assassins sword, and sparks flew everywhere.

It was evident that this cobras defense was remarkable, as expected of Xu Yuans primary weapon.

The cobra was in pain after the stab, so it jerked forward and was about to bite the assassins arm.

The assassin retreated quickly and dodged the bite.

He laughed disdainfully, “This venomous snake is all you have to defend yourself Heh, you are just a doctor after all, just slightly better than others.”

“In that case, this is the end.

Your cobras defense is high, so lets start with an armor-piercing attack!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the longsword in his hands began to twist and transform into a conical shape, like a fencing saber.

“Armor-piercing! Spike!”

“Once I break 50% of your defense, your cobra will not be able to withstand a single blow!”

The assassin spoke coldly and arrogantly.

Xu Yuan let out a long breath and knew there was practically no way for him to retreat.

Behind him was the end of the corridor, with only one window.

Right in front of Xu Yuan was the approaching assassin.

He slowly backed off and was already feeling defeated based on his demeanor.

“If you kill me, you will be dead too! Dont you know how important I am to the military”

The assassin rubbed the longswords against each other, producing a buzzing sound.

“If an assassin considers the consequences of killing his target, then can I still be considered an assassin”

“My mission is to kill you, nothing else!”

The next moment, he rushed up to Xu Yuan, and his entire body turned into an afterimage; with a swoosh, he was right before Xu Yuan!

Immediately after, he swung his right arm and stabbed Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan quickly raised his right arm to block the attack in front of him.

The assassins right hand held a longsword that stabbed into his cobras body.

With a squelching sound, the sword tip pierced into his cobras body, and blood splashed around as it flowed down the blade.

His cobra was in pain, and it opened its jaw wide to try biting the assassin.

However, the assassin lifted his left arm and stabbed Xu Yuans lower abdomen.

Before Xu Yuan could retreat, the sword pierced into his lower abdomen.

Fresh blood spewed out and splattered onto the ground.

“How does the pain feel” Looking at him, the assassin let out a cold laugh.

Xu Yuan gritted his teeth and growled, “Release the bone-corroding poison fog!”

Immediately after, the cobra coiled around his arm opened its jaws and aimed at the assassins face as it spat out a large cloud of dark purple fog.

The dense fog blew over, causing the assassins forehead to break out in cold sweat.

He hurriedly withdrew his swords and did a few back somersaults, increasing the distance between him and Xu Yuan.

“Phew… fighting with someone good with poison really puts me in danger at all times.”

The poisonous mist spat out from the cobras mouth and spread to the surroundings instantly.

If it werent for the assassins fast and agile body, he would have inhaled the poisonous gas and ultimately lost the ability to fight.

“No matter what happens today, youre finished!”

“This is Ixdale Central Hospital, and you will be surrounded before you complete your mission.

How are you going to escape after this”

“If you can let me go, you might only be imprisoned for a few years, and I will put in a good word for you.

However, if you persist, we will perish together.”

Xu Yuan weakly tried to persuade him.

He didnt want to die, but his combat strength was nothing before the assassin, so he had to rely on his negotiation skills.

However, after the assassin heard his words, he laughed out loud.

“Youre too naive.

Do you think I didnt think of this”

“Since I dared make a move on you at Ixdale Central Hospital, it means that Ive made an escape plan.

I will kill you and escape unscathed!”

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