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Chapter 281 Assigning Work, Back To Campus

In the villa, Lu Yu stood in front of a table, and on the table was a map of the wild forest.

“Ive marked the remaining strongholds of the five major clubs.

Bring some people over and reclaim these strongholds.”

The three people standing by Lu Yus side nodded.

“Okay, Ill bring some club members over now,” Lin Kang said.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing added, “Well bring two teams to take back the strongholds too.”

“By the way, boss, where are the strongholds” Lin Kang asked.

Without a doubt, the entire wild forest was now the territory of the Featherwing Club, and they had tight control over this secret realm.

Lu Yu answered without hesitation, “Let the other clubs continue to stay here.

I dont like being too overbearing, and I just want to chase the five major clubs out.”

Lin Kang smiled.

“Those small clubs are probably excited now that the five major clubs are chased out; they will have an easier time here.”

“Although the five major clubs had occupied the best resources, they also expanded the territory of their strongholds far and wide.

No one from the other clubs can even get remotely close to them.”

Lu Yu looked down at the map and commented, “Indeed.

Just the area occupied by their five major strongholds is one-fifth of the entire wild forest.”

“However, now that we have taken over these strongholds, these territories should be returned to the other clubs.

In this way, our Featherwing Club will have a chance to interact with the other small clubs.”

Right now, the Featherwing Club lacks not resources but a workforce.

If they could attract more people, the Feaatherwing Club could continue to develop and grow.

As the founder of the Featherwing Club, the stronger the Featherwing Club was, the greater Lu Yus benefit would be.

“Okay, Ill get someone to announce that these territories are no longer within our jurisdiction…” Lin Kang affirmed.

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou and Su Qing standing beside him.

The two girls were already good friends, usually worked together to manage the club, and had a decent tacit understanding of each others actions.

“Oh right, how are the herb garden and the array formation stronghold”

Yun Zirou walked forward with a joyful, bright smile on her face.

“The array formation stronghold has officially started operating.

It is a treasure land of spiritual energy, being able to greatly increase the cultivation speed of cultivators.”

“I have already opened the offer for entering qualifications.

Any cultivators who applied are welcome to come in and cultivate.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and knew this was the greatest use of the array formation stronghold.

Although it was different from the herb garden and mining stronghold that could produce physical goods, the revenue from the array formation stronghold was obscenely large.

A spiritual treasure land was something almost all cultivators pursued, and they were more than willing to pay a small price to cultivate there.

Of course, it was the same for the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold.

Su Qing took two steps forward and looked at Lu Yu.

Her eyes were filled with adoration like an avid fangirl.

“Brother Yu, the herb garden is seeded, and weve sold the first batch of medicinal herbs.”

Lu Yu nodded with satisfaction.

“I can rest assured, handing the club to you guys.”

“In the future, Ill leave the management of the club to you all.”

The three nodded their heads.

Lu Yu turned to Lin Kang and instructed, “You go take care of the mining stronghold.

As for the Martial Arts Clubs dojo, leave it to Wang Meng to manage.”

“Thats true.

Wang Meng is the most suitable person to manage the dojo, and Ill contact him immediately…”

“Oh right, president, all of our strongholds have a 50-50 split in income at the moment.”

“Half will be handed over to the club, and the other half will be divided amongst the members according to their contributions.”

“The part that is handed over to the club will be at your disposal at any time.”

This was the benefit of being the president of a club.

Half of the resources of the entire club were theirs to spend.

Of course, Lu Yu could use all of them for his own use, but it would affect the clubs development if he did that.

Lu Yu had to consider this whenever he touched those funds.

“I understand.

Continue to work hard…”

Lu Yu ended with that, and the three walked out of the villa to return to their respective strongholds.

Lu Yu lowered his head to look at the badge on his chest.

Just based on the craftsmanship alone, this badge was impressive.

Moreover, it was personally given by Wan Guliu.

The value it represented was an extraordinary one!

It would be too wasteful if it were merely used as proof of communication whenever he contacted Wan Guliu.

He felt that there must be something special about this badge.

It was just that Wan Guliu was in a hurry and forgot to mention it.

Lu Yu picked up his spatial pocket watch and took a teleportation scroll out.

He planned to return to the university and asked around how he should advance to the upper house.

He pulled open the scroll, which shone a dazzling light that engulfed Lu Yus entire body.

The light enveloped Lu Yu within it, and with a swoosh, the light disappeared along with Li Yu.

At the same time, the center of the Clanorth University campus teleportation array.

Many were coming and going in an endless stream as teleportation portals rose everywhere.

People would come in and out from time to time, and it was a busy place.

Suddenly, the teleportation portal of the wild forest opened, and Lu Yu walked out.

The moment Lu Yu appeared, he attracted everyones attention.

After all, Lu Yu and the Featherwing Club had been in the limelight all this time.

It was difficult for them not to notice Lu Yu.

“Isnt he Lu Yu I cant believe I am seeing him here with my own eyes!”

“I heard two days ago that he was going up against the five major clubs, attacking their strongholds.

I wonder what the result was.”

“Your news is outdated.

Lu Yu has already taken down the strongholds of the five major clubs in the wild forest and obtained a complete victory!”

“Is that so”

“Not only that, he even commanded the presidents of the five clubs to come and apologize personally.

They even had to pay the ransom for their club members.”

“These five major clubs suffered a crushing defeat, and it seems that the overall power structure of Clanorth University is going to change rapidly.”

Everyone was all discussing Lu Yus confrontation with the five clubs.

Lu Yu naturally did not care about these people and quickly exited the teleportation node.

Clanorth University was one of the most important strategic locations in the entire federation, and the teleportation node at the campus was also one of the most critical places.

Therefore, the security level here was the highest, and the military guarded this place strictly!

The importance of this transportation node could be seen from the treatment it received.

Of course, the students who entered and exited this place daily never took notice of the military officers guarding the area.

After all, it was almost impossible for an incident to happen here.

Lu Yu walked to the exit.

Just as he passed through the doorway, he was suddenly stopped by a voice.

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