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Chapter 155 Complete The Kill

Lu Yu teleported twice a row to dodge the Savage War Bears fatal attack.

His final teleportation spot was the ceiling above their heads.

After finding the perfect position, Lu Yu dove down to the Savage War Bear.

Seeing this, Zhao Ding hurriedly shouted, “Watch your head!”

The Savage War Bear raised its head.

When it saw Lu Yu dropping down, it quickly raised its arms to block its body!

The moment Lu Yu dove down, his claws were covered in flames.

The effect of the Flaming Claw appeared.

At the same time, he activated Armor Penetration, and the two skills overlapped.

The Flaming Claw had a better effect when dealing with this kind of tanky, ferocious beast, as a burning effect would create a better impact.

Lu Yu attacked the Savage War Bear in the blink of an eye.

His pair of sharp claws clawed at it, instantly casting Armor Penetration and Flaming Claw attack.

Lu Yus dive trajectory left behind brilliant flames.

The Savage War Bear felt the pain and let out a low growl.

Then, it swatted its claws and clapped at Lu Yu!

A pair of thick and powerful bear paws swooshed over.

Anything that was in the middle would probably be flattened.

Lu Yu quickly landed on the ground and dodged the Savage War Bears attack.

Following that, Lu Yu activated his skill, Uppercut!

Lu Yu jumped up and slammed his claws toward the bear.

Lu Yu instantly lifted the Savage War Bears massive body into the air.

The Savage War Bear in the air panicked and started to struggle.

Following that, Lu Yu activated his skill Armor Penetration, and the combination of Flaming Claw attacks again.

After his third Armor Penetration, the Savage War Bear was utterly defenseless.

Therefore, this time, Lu Yu used three consecutive Flaming Claws.

The intense flames attached to his claws, causing them to become red hot.

Lu Yu used all his strength to swing his claws at the Savage War Bears chest!


The moment he swung his arms, the flames drew a semi-circular arc.

His pair of sharp claws struck into the Savage War Bears chest, instantly causing its hide to split open.

After the burning effect was added, the Savage War Bears fur started to burn.

With a plop, the Savage War Bear landed heavily on the ground, creating several cracks on the floor.

The hide on its chest split open, and the flames spread, burning its fur.

The war bear released a series of angry roars and started rolling on the ground, trying to extinguish the burning effect on its body.

Seeing this, Zhao Ding was so anxious that his head broke out in a cold sweat.

“Quickly stand up and fight back! It only takes one slap to end the battle.

Is it that difficult”

However, no matter how anxious he was, the Savage War Bear had to extinguish the flames on its body first.

After the flames were extinguished, it hurriedly stood up.

At that moment, large patches of its fur had been scorched, emitting a foul stench.

The Savage War Bear had almost lost all of its defense.

However, it still had a lot of health.

Lu Yu roughly felt he only needed two more attacks to deplete the Savage War Bears health.

This battler pet was Zhao Dings treasure.

Once it was killed, he would definitely go crazy.

However, Lu Yu didnt care.

Zhao Ding had already instructed the Savage War Bear to activate its Savage War Soul skill, making it clear that he was giving no chance to Lu Yu.

Since that was the case, Lu Yu naturally wouldnt hold back.

Lu Yu charged toward the Savage War Bear and clawed at it.

The Savage War Bear raised its head and took a deep breath.

Then, it let out an ear-piercing roar from its mouth!


This roar even caused the surroundings to shake.

The loud sound traveled out of the abandoned building and resounded throughout the entire forest.

Lu Yu stopped in his tracks.

He quickly covered his ears to resist the Savage War Bears roar, as this loud roar hurt his eardrums.

When the roar ended, the Savage War Bear charged at Lu Yu and swung its paws at him.

Before Lu Yu could lower his hands, the Savage War Bear had already attacked him!

Lu Yu was startled and afraid that he would be unable to dodge in time!

He did not expect that this beast had a sound-type skill, causing Lu Yu to make an unexpected mistake.

Standing in the distance, Zhao Ding laughed coldly, “You didnt expect it to have a sound wave attack, right This time, youve lost!”

When the live broadcast room audience saw Savage War Bear charging toward Lu Yu and Lu Yu was still covering his ears, they all felt that Lu Yu was going to die.

“This slap is really going to hit him!”

“Can he withstand the damage of 1,000 points”

“I think its going to be difficult.

He wont be able to survive this.”

“This mistake is deadly.”

“I thought Lu Yu had already won and didnt expect that bear to use a sound wave attack.”

“Looking at Zhao Dings arrogant look, it seems hes assured of his victory…”

Everyone in the live broadcast was worried about Lu Yu.

They didnt care about Lu Yus win or loss.

After all, they had already won against three presidents earlier, and this was enough to prove Lu Yus strength.

However, if this slap hit him, Lu Yus life might be in danger!

Even if his life werent in danger, he would be crippled after taking this slap!

At that moment, Lu Yu saw the colossal bear paw coming at him.

He quickly placed his hands in front of his body.

Strong Wall, activated!

A wave of energy enveloped Lu Yu in front of him, providing him with a surge in defense.

The bear paw slammed onto Lu Yus arms, and a violent impact came.

Lu Yu was pushed back by this powerful force and only stopped after scooting back seven to eight meters back.

He put down his arms and panted heavily.

The attack just now was a close call.

Fortunately, he had blocked it.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Zhao Ding was stunned by this scene.

He had finally managed to launch a surprise attack and thought he could end Lu Yus life, but who would have thought Lu Yu would be able to block it so easily

“What kind of defensive skill is this He actually blocked it”

Zhao Ding found it hard to accept this outcome!

The audience in the live stream room also found it ridiculous.

“Did he just block 1,000 damage”

“Damn, this is insane.”

“I thought he was going to lose for sure.”

“How can this be The winner has been decided, brothers.”

“Its over.

This war bear is dead for sure.

Lu Yu will definitely kill it.”

“This bear doesnt hold back at all.

Lu Yu will definitely not let go of this opportunity.”

As the audience said, Lu Yu decided to kill this black bear.

With a swoosh, Lu Yus figure disappeared in an instant.

The next moment, he appeared in front of the Savage War Bear.

After that, he extended his claws and tore at the Savage War Bears chest.

The Savage War Bears chest was torn open by Lu Yus sharp claws.

Fresh blood dripped all over the ground.

The Savage War Bear let out an angry roar.

The intense pain caused it to struggle and counterattack.

However, Lu Yu didnt intend to stop at all.

Zhao Ding, who was at the side, saw that Lu Yu intended to continue attacking and instantly panicked.

“Stop! Stop fighting!”


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