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Chapter 145 President Of The Array Formation Club, Array Formation Combo Attack

Lu Yus eyes flashed.

When he opened his eyes again, he found his surroundings had turned dark.

He clearly remembered standing at the entrance of a building just now.

He was even about to rush out the door.

However, he disappeared at the next moment and arrived here.

“Whats going on Why is there an array formation there…”

Lu Yu was puzzled.

He scanned his surroundings and realized that he had returned to the interior of the building!

It was a teleportation formation that had teleported him back here.

Flames rose from his claws and lit up the surroundings, allowing Lu Yu to observe his surroundings carefully.

“If you want to continue fighting with me, then come out! After all, you are all senior students.

Why are you being so cowardly when you want to beat up a freshman like me”

He shouted, but there was no response.

Lu Yu scanned his surroundings and began to scrutinize them.

There was no trace of anyone in the surroundings.

Even after activating his Eye of the Dragon God, he couldnt see any clues.

There wasnt anyone nearby.

A long-range battle was in line with the characteristics of an array master.

As a mage and an array master, he was sure not to engage in close combat with others.

Lu Yu hurriedly squatted on the ground and observed the traces under his feet.

He used his hand to push away the accumulated dust on the ground.

To his surprise, he discovered that there were unique patterns, imprints, and symbols on the floor!

What amazed Lu Yu the most was that these patterns were continuously carved out of thin air.

In other words, the formation was incomplete.

Someone was controlling this array formation from afar!

Seeing this, Lu Yu hurriedly turned around and jumped away from his previous position.

The next moment, there was a loud boom!

Countless icicles rose from the ground behind Lu Yu like silver needles.

Looking at those icicles, Lu Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

If he hadnt escaped in time, he would have been stabbed by these icicles.

It seemed that the enemy was the type of person used to hiding in the dark and creating array formations.

Lu Yu looked around, checking for any array formation that might appear at any moment.

At that moment, a small array formation with a one-meter diameter appeared in front of Lu Yu.

Lu Yu slowly retreated, wary of the changes brought about by the array.

However, when the array patterns were finalized, nothing appeared.

Instead, a figure slowly showed itself.

This figure was dressed in a long black robe.

His skinny hands removed the hood on his head, revealing a slender face.

His slightly narrowed eyes stared fixedly at Lu Yu.

“I didnt expect it.

After those two failed to take you down, I didnt foresee that I would have to deal with you personally.”

Lu Yu chuckled.

“It seems like youre also very confident.

Do you think you can beat me too”

He spread his hands and said, “What else Youre definitely not my match.

Do be rest assured about that.”

“Dont even think of using this opportunity to make a move on me.

Its impossible.

The current me is just a projection.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Of course I know.

You flashed your face in front of me just to say this”

He shook his head and continued, “I want you to understand who defeated you!”

“Im the President of the Array Formation Club, Nie Yi!”

“Next, youll have to face my array formations and lose miserably!”

After saying that, his figure gradually disappeared, and the array formation beneath his feet also dissipated.

Lu Yu looked at the array formation beneath his feet.

The patterns seemed to flow backwards in time, returning to the grounds original appearance.

Right then, six array formations began to condense around Lu Yu simultaneously!

Each array formation had a diameter of one meter.

In almost an instant, the six array formations were wholly assembled.

Immediately after, a light pillar rose from the center of the array formations.

Six light pillars rose from the six formations, and the light pillars connected to form a hexagonal fighting cage.

When Lu Yu saw this, he knew that he had been sealed.

It would not be easy to break through these array formations.

At the same time, additional patterns began to form on the surrounding stone pillars.

After the formation patterns were completed, they emitted a light blue light, and ice spikes shot toward Lu Yu!

Seeing this, Lu Yu hurriedly activated his Dragon Shadow skill to dodge!

Nie Yi was a very skilled array mage.

He had a lot of actual combat experience and could link these array formations up smoothly without any mistakes.

Moreover, he specially chose ice element formations to set up to counter Lu Yus fire attribute.

Lu Yu began to dodge the ice spikes continuously, and at the same time, he began to look for a way to break through.

After dodging for a while, the ice spike arrays gradually disappeared.

Lu Yu panted for a moment, and a new array appeared under his feet.

The patterns of this array were more complicated, with a larger area covering the entire hexagonal cage.

Lu Yu looked at the array under his feet and thought about how to deal with it.

The most important thing was that Lu Yu had no idea what the function of the formation was.

Since that were the case, he had no idea how to deal with it.

He walked toward the edge of the hexagonal cage.

When he touched the wall of light, Lu Yu swung his dragon claw and clawed at the wall of light.

A few scratches appeared on the light wall, but they were quickly repaired.

Lu Yu confirmed that he would not be able to break through this wall in a short period of time.

But at the same time, the array under his feet had already begun to take shape.

Lu Yu stared at the formation, keenly observing the formations movement.

When the audience in the live broadcast saw this, they started to worry about Lu Yu.

“One wave has yet to be appeased, and another has risen.

Lu Yu is being forced to fight again.”

“Sigh, this is the result of offending the older clubs.

This time, he shouldnt be able to deal with it.”

“Hes being controlled so tightly that I dont even know how he can retaliate.”

“That array formation looks very familiar.

Im an array formation student, and this looks like an extremely destructive array formation.

An ordinary person wouldnt be able to withstand its effects!”

“Damn, what would happen if Lu Yu couldnt withstand it”

“It cant be that he cant break through the light wall.”

“The array formation will be formed soon.

Does he have time to break it”

For a moment, the audience on the live broadcast channel became nervous.

When Yun Zirou and Su Qing saw this, they silently prayed for Lu Yu.

“Its really endless.

Lu Yu will most likely lose in this round of battle.” Su Qing felt that it was very unfair.

“Theres no choice.

Lu Yu has chosen a difficult path, so he can only brace himself and tread forward.”

Lu Yu was staring at the array below his feet.

His eyes had become vertical pupils that only giant dragons had.

His eyes had also turned bright and were emitting a faint light.

He stared at the array below his feet and finally identified it.

[ Explosion Array: Within a radius of ten meters, a violent explosion is triggered and will inflict 1,000 damage to enemies within range.


Lu Yu was a little surprised that his Eye of the Dragon God could identify the type of array formation.

This explosion formation seemed really strong.

Thus, Lu Yu quickly used his claws to block his face and was ready to activate his Strong Wall skill to defend against this explosion!


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