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Chapter 143 Pharmacists Last Secret Medicine

Lu Yu replenished a bottle of high-grade mana potion and recovered 150 mana points.

However, when Du Peng saw this, he immediately took out a seemingly precious potion bottle and looked at Lu Yu mockingly.

“Its your honor to be able to make me use this bottle of potion to deal with you.”

Lu Yu looked at the medicine in his hand and said, “Since your potion is that powerful, use it.

Let me see what final tricks you have up your sleeve.”

Du Peng grabbed the bottle and opened it, and a mysterious energy surged.

“This bottle of medicine is a dragon blood secret medicine that I painstakingly developed.

After drinking it, I can temporarily obtain the power of a Divine Dragon.

You will lose miserably after I drink this!”

After saying this, he picked up the bottle and was about to pour it into his mouth.

When Lu Yu heard this, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the potion bottle in Du Pengs hand with great interest.

It was a medicine that had something to do with dragons, which would be helpful to Lu Yu!

Lu Yu decided to make a move and snatch it.

He had to get it!

The next moment, he activated his Dragon Shadow skill and teleported forward!

Du Peng saw that Lu Yus figure suddenly stopped moving and went still.

He immediately realized it was an afterimage of Lu Yu! Of course, it could not move!

Du Peng hurriedly closed the cap of the potion bottle and hung it to his waist.

He held his daggers in both hands and prepared to fight!

Soon, Lu Yus figure appeared in front of him.

He gritted his teeth, swung the dagger with all his strength, and slashed at Lu Yus figure.

“You dare to charge at me Youre dead meat!”

However, after this pair of daggers slashed down, they passed through Lu Yus body as if he was slashing at nothing but air.

Du Peng was dumbfounded.

“Another afterimage How is that possible”

He had previously analyzed Lu Yus battle videos and knew Lu Yus teleportation skill could only be used once.

He supposedly was unable to use it twice consecutively.

However, the situation in front of him was that Lu Yu had used his teleportation skill twice in a row, causing two afterimages to appear.

Du Peng did not have time to overthink and knew he had already lost Lu Yus position.

He looked around, trying to find Lu Yu as soon as possible.

However, after looking around, he still could not find Lu Yu.

“Coward, get out here.

Show yourself to me if you have the guts!”

Du Peng, who liked to fight dirty, was angered by Lu Yus “cowardice”.

All of a sudden, he felt that something was missing from his waist.

He looked down and found that the dragon blood secret medicine hanging on his waist had disappeared!

“When… how is this possible…”

Surprised, he looked around and confirmed that his dragon blood secret medicine had disappeared.

Du Peng knew Lu Yu had taken it away, but how did he do it

How could he continuously cast his teleportation skill without a cooldown

All kinds of questions made Du Peng panic as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He held his dagger tightly with both hands and looked around in fear.

Du Peng felt very embarrassed to be frightened by a freshman, but there was nothing he could do.

At the same time, Lu Yu was squatting behind a stone pillar more than 20 meters away from Du Peng.

He was panting heavily as he held on to this bottle of medicine.

He had just used his Dragon Shadow skill four times in a row, which had consumed a large amount of his mana.

It was not that Lu Yus skills did not have a cooldown on them.

Instead, under the enhancement of the Dragon God Breathing Technique, he could use his skills multiple times in one go.

However, the cooldown time would also stack up after the stacked skill was cast.

Therefore, for a short period, Lu Yu wouldnt be able to use his Dragon Shadow skill.

Since that was the case, he could only hide here for now.

Lu Yus actions stunned the audience in the live stream.

“Whats going on The live feed suddenly flashed, and it became like this…”

“Werent they about to fight How come, after a few flashes, theres no one left”

“Brothers, I just came from Du Pengs live broadcast.

In his live feed, Lu Yu teleported several times in one breath, and Du Peng couldnt react at all!”

“I saw it too.

What a terrifying speed! Simply ridiculous!”

“Multiple consecutive teleportations.” What kind of displacement skill did he learn that gave him such a powerful ability”

“Du Peng was shaken by what happened as well.

Lu Yus speed is just amazing…”

When everyone saw Du Pengs nervousness, the audience also felt the pressure on him.

Everyone was surprised, as they didnt expect Lu Yu first to defeat He Kai and gain the upper hand in the battle with Du Peng.

Thus, they didnt dare underestimate Lu Yu anymore, even if he was just a freshman.

Watching the live broadcast, the freshmen were proud of Lu Yu and glad to be in the same batch.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing stared at the screen, and the two looked at each other in surprise.

“Lu Yus teleportation before doesnt seem to be that powerful, right”

“Indeed, it seems that he has made a breakthrough in another aspect.”

Yun Zirous face revealed a smile.

She and Su Qing were both looking forward to Lu Yus next battle…

At the same time, Lu Yu squatted behind the stone pillar, opened the dragon blood secret medicine bottle, and drank it in one gulp.

After Lu Yu drank the red liquid, a mysterious power began to swell in his body.

Lu Yu felt a scorching heat in his body, and powerful energy was gathering in his body.

[ Ancient Dragon Body progress increased by 3%.

Current progress: 6% ]

[ Obtained attributes: Attack 50, Defense 50, Health 100 ]

[ Current attributes ]

[ Attack: 450 ]

[ Speed: 240 ]

[ Health: 450 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 220 ]

After reading the notifications, Lu Yu let out a long sigh.

His progress had finally increased.

The increase in attributes this time seemed quite decent.

Moreover, it was a little more than the last time.

However, Lu Yu was sad that his mana did not increase.

It was still 220 points in total.


A skill costs around 10 to 20 mana points, and a dragon skill costs around 20 to 30 mana points.

Since he only had 220 mana points, Lu Yu would run out of mana after casting a few dragon skills consecutively.

It seemed that he had to prepare more mana potions in the future and had to find a way to raise his mana upper limit.

Otherwise, the way he could use his skills would be restricted.

Lu Yu never thought there would be a day when his mana was not enough…

After drinking the dragon blood secret potion, it not only strengthened his Ancient Dragon Body but also increased his attributes, replenished his status, and temporarily gave Lu Yu a buff.

Lu Yus pair of pitch-black dragon claws suddenly grew bigger and were about the size of a boxers glove.

All the muscles in his body swelled up as his strength surged.

His physical strength had received a sufficient increase!

Lu Yu was at an unprecedented peak.

He walked out from behind the stone pillar and headed toward Du Peng.

Du Peng was still looking around in a panic.

When he saw Lu Yu walking out, he hurriedly faced Lu Yu and used his pair of daggers in a defensive position.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong with Lu Yus body and paused.

“My dragon blood secret medicine… you… you drank it”


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