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Chapter 14 Kill! Beast Familiar Egg


Lu Yu successfully used Armor Penetration three times, reducing the Red Flame Violent Bears defense to 51.

Lu Yu only needed to launch four or five more attacks to kill the Red Flame Violent Bear quickly!


After its defense was broken, the Red Flame Violent Bear immediately became cranky.

It stood up and pounded its chest with both of its palms, letting out an intense roar simultaneously!



Even as an ear-piercing sound wave came, Lu Yu did not care about covering his ears as he charged toward the Red Flame Violent Bear again!

This time, Lu Yu activated his Grappling skill!


In an instant, the flaws and weaknesses of the Red Flame Violent Bears entire body were revealed.

Lu Yu fanned out his pair of sharp claws and attacked the Red Flame Violent Bears entire body in a frenzy.


Fresh blood spurted out and dyed the entire cave red.

Intense pain racked the Red Flame Violent Bears brain.

The Red Flame Violent Bear went completely mad and swiped its paws around crazily!

Lu Yu dodged them and continued to attack!

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Finally, the Red Flame Violent Bears health was getting low.

Lu Yu reached out with his claws and directly slashed off the Red Flame Violent Bears ribs!

With another claw attack, the Red Flame Violent Bears internal organs were all devastated!

The Red Flame Violent Bear fell heavily to the ground with a smash.

Lu Yu wiped the fresh blood off his body and unsheathed the sharp claws in his hands.


He squatted on the ground, took out a dagger, and cut off the Red Flame Violent Bears fur.

[ Congratulations on obtaining the Red Flame Violent Bear Fur.



[ Currently, you can evolve the Bear Paw path.

Do you want to evolve ]

Lu Yu chose “No” again.

The Dragon Claw was his ultimate goal.

Now that he had obtained the Red Flame Violent Bear Fur, he had acquired two needed materials.

He was still two short of evolving the Dragon Claw.

At that moment, Lu Yu looked at the place where the Red Flame Violent Bear had been sleeping.

There was a crystal clear egg there.

Lu Yu immediately realized that this was a beasts egg and that it could be hatched.

Although the Red Flame Violent Bear was a mammal, all ferocious beasts lay eggs in this world.


Lu Yu picked up the beast egg and put it into his storage bracelet.

After he hatched the egg, he would have his own familiar.


When the time comes, it will be much easier for him to carry out his quest together with his beast familiar.

As he thought about it, Lu Yu felt a wave of sleepiness sweep over him.

It was already late, and it was time to sleep.

Lu Yu decided to lie down and sleep.

This was the bosss lair and was supposed to be isolated from small monsters.

Other cultivators couldnt find this place either.


Therefore, it was good to rest here.

Lu Yu lay on the ground and slowly fell asleep while enduring the smell of blood all around him.

One night later, Lu Yu woke up in the dark cave the following day.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to turn on his flashlight.

After packing his things, Lu Yu followed the tunnel and prepared to leave this place.

He checked his storage bracelet and found that he had only killed more than thirty Rock Worm Beasts.

However, he would definitely encounter the remaining Rock Worm Beasts he needed along the way and make up for the dozen he was lacking.

Lu Yu followed the tunnel and arrived at the cave before him.

Lu Yu seemed to hear faint footsteps in front of him.

Lu Yu slowly walked forward and shone the flashlight.

As expected, a figure appeared in front of him.

“Oh, has someone already arrived here”

That person used his hand to block the light and asked in surprise.

“Who are you”

Lu Yu asked.

“My Name Is Ho Qiang.

Im an information merchant.

I was the one that provided the information that the boss here had weakened.”

“I walked all night and eliminated all the wrong answers.

It took me a lot of effort just to get here.”

He sized up Lu Yu from head to toe with a face full of regret.

“I didnt expect you to kill that boss already.

What a pity.”

Lu Yu looked at Ho Qiang.

Ho Qiang was fully equipped with Blue-quality equipment.

He was definitely much stronger than Lu Yu.

Moreover, this was the deep part of the cave, with few people.

If Ho Qiang wanted to kill Lu Yu and take his treasure, there wouldnt be a problem.


Lu Yu felt a sense of danger, realizing his situation.

Lu Yu should be careful even if the person in front of him had a smile on his face and didnt seem like a bad person.

“Youre also an information merchant What a coincidence! Im the same.”

Ho Qiang looked at Lu Yu curiously, “Really You too”

“Of course, but Ive only joined for a short period of time.

The reason Im here is that I received some information from my seniors.”

Ho Qiang sized up Lu Yu and saw that Lu Yu was indeed a newbie.

He couldnt help but nod.

“No wonder a rookie like you could find the boss faster than me.

It looks like youre one of us.”

Ho Qiang realized that Lu Yu might be related to some big shot in the organization to obtain information and find this place so quickly.

Hence, he was all smiles as he handed over his contact information with both hands.

“Hey Bro, this is my contact information.

If you need anything in the future, feel free to contact me.”

Lu Yu smiled slightly, took Ho Qiangs business card, and handed over his.

After Ho Qiang took it, he said with a smile, “If theres new information in the future, Ill definitely contact you immediately.

Dont worry!”

He accepted the business card with a smile and turned around to leave.

Lu Yu also left the cave with this “colleague” of his.

On the way out, Ho Qiang could not help but ask, “Bro, who was the boss inside I wasnt sure who it was.”

“Its the Red Flame Violent Bear.

It has just given birth.”

“Oh, Red Flame Violent Bear.

I heard that the material of this beast is precious.”

“Yeah, I plan to use it to evolve my talent.”


“How enviable.

If only I could have come here earlier.”

Ho Qiang looked sullen.

He felt it was a pity that he had wasted an entire night!

After passing through a few caves, Lu Yu once again discovered the Rock Worm Beasts.

“You go on ahead.

I want to hunt some more Rock Worm Beasts.”

Ho Qiang nodded.

“Alright, then Ill go first…”

He headed to the next cave while Lu Yu stayed where he was.

There were Rock Worm Beasts in this cave, and Lu Yu killed them one by one.

After killing them, he headed to the next cave.

Lu Yu remembered that his quest for today had not been completed.

In this cave, it would be hard to do his daily quest, whether choosing a long run or a long jump.

Therefore, completing the claw-waving quest was the easiest.

Thus, Lu Yu began continuously swooping his claws around, killing Rock Worm Beasts.

Finally, Lu Yu had almost finished hunting 50 Rock Worm Beasts and waved his claws about 70 to 80 times.


Lu Yu slowed down, killing the remaining two by slashing them more than 10 times each, leaving bloody wounds all over their bodies.

Both Rock Worm Beasts died a horrible death.

[ Congratulations for completing the daily quest, swing your claws (100/100) ]

[ Obtained daily reward ]

After completing the daily quest, his quest to kill 50 Rock Worm Beasts was also completed.

“Lets strengthen my skills.”

Lu Yu decided to exchange his daily quests reward for strengthening his skills.

In order to complete future quests faster, he decided to enhance the Split Claw skill.

If he strengthened Split Claw, his efficiency would be much faster if he encountered such quests that needed him to kill small monsters in the future.

After strengthening his skill, Lu Yu walked out of the cave.

When he walked out of the cave, Lu Yu saw a notification before him.

[ Congratulations on clearing a tricky-level dungeon: Half Mountain Cave.


[ Obtained two rewards… ]


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