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Chapter 13 Chaotic Cavern, Red Flame Violent Bear


Just as Lu Yu was about to continue killing the monsters, he suddenly encountered two people.

“Oh no, didnt we just walk past this place”

“Damn it.

We seem to have lost our way.”

“Why dont we hurry up and teleport out We cant find our way out anyway.”

“Sigh, this is the only way…”

The two of them realized they had lost their way and helplessly took out the return scroll.

Then, the two of them were teleported out at the same time.

At that moment, Lu Yu realized that he couldnt find his way out either, and the problem was that he didnt have a teleportation scroll.


If he really lost his way here, he would be in danger.

Right now, Lu Yu could only hope for his Eye of Truth.

Since his Eye of Truth could see where dangers and opportunities were, it must be able to know a path to the outside, right

With this thought in mind, Lu Yu activated his Eye of Truth and looked around.


When he looked at one of the cave holes, a notification appeared hovering before the hole, “Inside”.


When he looked at the other cave hole, he received the notification, “Outside”.

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Lu Yu quickly understood the meaning behind the notification.

Walking toward the “Inside” would allow him to reach the caves center.

If he walked towards the “outside” notification, he would be able to reach the outside of the cave.

Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Luckily, his Eye of Truth could see which path he needed to take.


Otherwise, without the scroll, it would be a dead end for him.

If Lu Yu was lucky, he might meet a kind-hearted person who would sell him a teleportation scroll.

However, he shouldnt place his hopes on others in the first place.

At that moment, two more people walked to the cave where Lu Yu was.

Both were girls.

They looked at the Lu Yus cave hole and frowned.


“Its over.

We cant find the exit.” One of them said.

“Looks like we can only teleport out like the others.”

The two girls nodded and took out their teleportation scrolls.

Then, one of them noticed Lu Yu.

“Are you lost too” she asked.


I can find a way out,” Lu Yu answered indifferently.


The two girls looked at each other and smiled.

“Youre lying to us, right The path here is disorganized.

How would you be able to find a way out If you want to get out, I have extra teleportation scrolls here.

I can sell them to you.”

Lu Yu shook his head slightly, “No need.

Keep the scrolls for yourself.

My goal is to kill the boss.”


The two girls pursed their lips, assuming that Lu Yu was bragging.

They did not say anything else, opened the scroll and left.

After everyone else had left, Lu Yu continued to move forward.

He chose the entrance marked “Inside” and went there.

This way, he could reach the center of the cave.

Lu Yu believed the legendary boss would be at the caves center!

He continued to move forward, killing all the Rock Worm Beast mercilessly whenever he encountered them.

Gradually, Lu Yus quest target was getting close to completion.

Moreover, the number of Rock Worm Beasts around him was also decreasing.

Lu Yu knew that he was about to reach the Boss lair, which was why there were fewer monsters around him.

From then on, Lu Yu was much more careful heading forward.

As Lu Yu passed through another tunnel and entered the next cave, he smelled a hint of blood.

Such a fresh scent of blood made Lu Yu frown.

It seemed that he was almost there!

He lowered the flashlights brightness and hunched his posture, quietly moving forward.

Finally, he came to the last tunnel.

Through this, he could reach the center of the cave.

Lu Yu passed through the tunnel.

Through the weak light, he could vaguely see the situation in the cave before him.

A giant monster was curled up on the ground as if it was sleeping, and the smell of blood was coming from this monster.

Lu Yu turned up the brightness of his flashlight and looked over it carefully.

Soon, Lu Yu saw that it was a giant bear curled up on the ground.

It had red fur all over it, with muscles bulging all over its burly-looking body.


Its chest rose and fell, and it even released a loud snore.

Lu Yu used his Eye of Truth to look at the boss and saw the information about the Red Flame Violent Bear.

[ Red Flame Violent Bear ]


[ Attack: 80 ]


[ Speed: 62 ]

[ Health: 200 ]

[ Mana: 50 ]

[ Defense: 120 ]


[ Current status: Postpartum ]


[ Status effect: Health reduced by 10%, speed reduced by 30%, attack increased by 15% ]

Reading the status effect, Lu Yu realized that this boss was in a weakened state because it had just given birth.


Just a 30% reduction in movement speed alone was fatal for it.


Its speed was not fast, to begin with.

With this reduction, it was utterly weakened.

However, its defense was still frighteningly high.

With 120 points in defense, Lu Yu would probably need to break through its defense twice before he could deal any damage to it.

His speed was his only advantage.

Using this advantage to break through its defense twice would not be difficult.

Of course, if he really wanted to deal more damage, he would need to break through its defense thrice.

Lu Yu took a deep breath.

If he were to receive an attack by the boss, he would suffer severe damage.

It seemed that if he wanted to kill this violent bear, he had to be careful.

At that moment, Lu Yu did not plan to retreat anymore.

He had to take down the boss!

After all, one of the evolution materials for the Dragon Claw was from this boss!


Lu Yu quietly stood before the Red Flame Violent Bear.

Using the time when the violent red bear was still sleeping, he could break through its defense for the first time!

After gathering his strength, Lu Yu suddenly swung his claws!

The sharp claws struck the Red Flame Violent Bears body.

It did not even mark its skin, only cutting off a layer of red fur!


However, the Red Flame Violent Bear still felt some pain.

It immediately woke up and let out a howl.


The Red Flame Violent Bear roared out in pain.

It quickly stood up and looked at Lu Yu.

Its body was about two meters tall, with its entire body filled with muscles.

The Red Flame Violent Bears bloodshot eyes stared at Lu Yu.

Then, it struck out with a heavy palm.

Lu Yu was secretly delighted when he saw the bears paw coming toward him.

The bears speed had indeed decreased by a lot!

Even if he delayed for half a second before dodging it, he could still easily escape it.

After taking a few steps back, Lu Yu quickly sidestepped the Red Flame Violent Bears attack.

The Red Flame Violent Bear was enraged.

It landed on all fours and charged toward Lu Yu!

Lu Yu didnt act cocky this time and quickly dodged the attack.

Being rammed into a wall by a violent giant bear would probably kill him.

After dodging its attack, the Red Flame Violent Bear rammed its head into a wall and was stunned.

Lu Yu took advantage of this opening and quickly rushed forward, slashing down with his claws again!

The second time he slashed with his Armor Penetration skill, it cut off a large piece of fur!


There were a few deep marks left on its thick skin this time.

The Red Flame Violent Bear felt a sharp pain and quickly turned around, charging toward Lu Yu once again!

Lu Yu hurriedly leapt into the air and followed up with a double jump to increase the distance between them.

The Red Flame Violent Bear turned around, charged and rammed into the wall once again.

With a boom, the entire cave shook.

At that moment, Lu Yu fell from the sky and slashed down with his claws again!

The third time the Armor Penetration strike landed, it sliced off a large piece of the Red Flame Violent Bears flesh!



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