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Chapter 505: The farm is being targeted by the workshop!

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Oh my God, why is this dog biting people

Zou Zhuo felt a slight pain from the bite, and the fruit in his arms fell to the ground. The dog was still chasing zou Zhuo, so he ran back to his farm in a panic.

“Phew, they finally stopped chasing ...”

Zou Zhuo received a system notification when he returned to his farm.

[You have been bitten by a dog. You need to pay 500 gold coins for medical expenses. It has been automatically deducted from your system currency.]

“F * ck, this is such a scam!”

Zou Zhuo was speechless. Obviously, the fruit in his hand would drop randomly when he was bitten by a dog. When he ran back, there were only five or six fruits left in his arms, but he still had to pay 500 gold coins for medical expenses It was really a breakdown!

Obviously, the medical expenses were also calculated according to the number of times he was bitten by the dog. The more times he was bitten by the dog, the higher the medical expenses.

Zou Zhuo sold the fruits to the store, and to his surprise, they were sold for 3000 gold coins!

“Oh my God, high-grade crops are amazing.” Zou Zhuo said.

“If we steal all the fruits in the managers field, how much money would it cost”

It was worth it even if he was bitten by a dog!

However, zou Zhuo knew that Chen Mo wouldnt make such a mistake in his design. Most likely, the more he was bitten by a dog, the higher the medical expenses would be. It was impossible to increase in a linear manner.

Zou Zhuo was smart enough to give up on the idea of stealing vegetables ...

And the worst part was that he was bitten by a dog, and his money was directly deducted from the system! This was a little too shameless!

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Zou Zhuo went to his friendsfarms and stole a few radishes. They werent worth much, but zou Zhuo was happy.

People were all like this, whether rich or poor, they would have a greedy mentality. Taking advantage of others didnt matter much, as long as it was taking advantage of others, it would make ones heart happy.

Of course, if he could get a big advantage, he would definitely be overjoyed.

An hour passed quickly, but zou Zhuo still wanted more. However, he had stolen most of the vegetables and planted most of the crops. There was nothing to do now, so zou Zhuo had to exit the slow mode.


Soon, the other players also discovered some special ways to play Leisure Farm. They added each other as friends and stole vegetables from each other.

“Sigh, this Leisure Farm is really well done. Basking in the sun inside feels even more comfortable than the systems default environment!”

“Yes, its a idyllic scene. Its much more comfortable than the simple blue sky, white clouds, and grassland!”

“And you can also plant crops. Although the operation is particularly simple, it makes people feel like theyve returned to the countryside. I cant help but recite poetry.”

“When beans are planted at the foot of the southern mountain, the grass will flourish and the beans will grow sparkly ...”

“Oh, youre going to recite this poem I thought it was ... A dog ...”

“Ahem, you can indeed raise dogs in the farmland.”

“Eh Did you guys notice that the first person on our friend list is always Chen Mos account”

“Yes, I noticed it too. I even went to take a look on purpose. The fields are full of high-grade crops. I wanted to steal two more, but I was bitten by Chen Mos dog!”

“F * ck, me too! I was bitten by his dog too!”

“Ah So this was what dogs were for He could guard the house. Then Im going to keep one too. Although Im only growing carrots now, its still a heartache to lose it. ”

“But dogs are expensive. You can only afford them with money!”

You could use in-game currency in Leisure Farm, but not everything could be bought. What could be bought with money was basically some decorative parts, such as the exterior of the house, fence, dog house, and so on.

In addition, some special functions also required a small amount of money to activate, such as buying dogs, dog food, upgrading land, and so on.

Upgrading normal land to Red Land, black land, and even gold land would cost some money. Of course, it could also be activated by saving up gold coins, but the gold coins spent would be much more expensive than the actual currency.

Because gold coins could actually be exchanged for physical objects, it was equivalent to a channel of conversion between in-game coins and real money.

Of course, there were also some things that could only be obtained by topping up, such as dog food.

Since Overwatch was a free game, many players had Overwatch and Thunderbolt gaming platform in their gaming pods.

Therefore, Leisure Farms promotion went smoothly, and even some players who didnt play Overwatch or use Thunderbolt Game Pass downloaded Leisure Farm.

“Hurry up! Anyone playing Leisure Farm can add each other as friends and steal vegetables from each other!”

“Why didnt you play Leisure Farm Hurry up, Im still waiting to steal your vegetables!”

Very quickly, Leisure Farm expanded in the circle of VR gamers at an unscientific speed ...

After all, the soothing mode of the VR gaming pod was only one fun game, so the speed of expansion was completely beyond most peoples imagination ...


At the same time, many Studios had their eyes on the new game.

“What This game can actually be exchanged for real items Is this a new feature made by a new designer arent you afraid of losing money”

“Hehehehe, its our turn to show off our skills!”

“Hurry up and download the game to all the VR gaming pods in the studio. Everyone, go and steal the game!”

However, the strange thing was that those big studios didnt seem to have any ideas about Leisure Farm.

These small studios did not mind.

To these Studios, they were just worried that there wouldnt be any games to play in soothing mode, and Leisure Farm was just right in front of their mouths.

In immersed mode, players could only play for a maximum of four hours before they had to rest or enter soothing mode.

However, players could play for a long time in the relaxing mode. They could even play for more than eight hours in a row because this mode did not cause too much fatigue.

Each gaming pod in these Studios had three to four boosters, and these people could take turns playing and stealing vegetables 24 hours a day.

You might not believe it, but on the third day after Leisure Farms release, many Studios set up a vegetable stealing team ...

After all, the gold coins could be directly exchanged for physical objects. When the physical objects were sold, wouldnt that be equivalent to exchanging them for money

Of course, these Studios didnt just steal vegetables, they also grew their own vegetables. Because Chen Mo set a limit, there was a limit to the number of times a player could steal vegetables and the number of times a player could be stolen in their field. Otherwise, it would be extremely beneficial for players who had plenty of time to steal vegetables.

Compared to the income from stealing vegetables, he would gain more from growing his own vegetables.

“The specialized auxiliary equipment is ready. With this, you can steal vegetables with one key!”

“Really Quickly insert it into the VR gaming pod and try it out. With this, we can save a lot of effort!”

Very quickly, someone in the studio developed a vegetable stealing plug-in specifically for Leisure Farm. After all, the game was too simple, and it was not difficult to make such a plug-in.

However, after inserting it into the VR gaming pod, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Unknown external equipment has been detected in your VR gaming pod. Logging in denied.”

“F * ck, whats this situation”

“I dont know how it detected an external device.”

“F * ck, isnt this the same detection mechanism asOverwatch”

“Oh no, this plug-in cant be used ...”

“F * ck, Chen Mo actually included all the anti-cheat moves from Overwatch into Leisure Farm”

“F * ck, it seems that its impossible to use plug-ins. I can only steal vegetables manually!”

“Shush, you cant tell anyone about this, you hear me Otherwise, our studios face will be completely lost!”-

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