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Chapter 2637: Big Trouble

“You dare!!” the six including Gu Heyi all shouted.

Their attacks came on like a tsunami, with spiritual attacks being launched in waves.

“Hmm!” Ling Han groaned.

The Indestructible Heavens Scroll was focused more on protecting his physical body, while protection of the spirit was weaker, so he couldnt help but spit out a mouthful of blood as he stumbled.

But his eyes glittered with a firm resolve, and he grabbed the celestial fruit without flinching.

“Die!” Gu Heyi slashed out with his sword, and shua, Sword Qi moved unhindered in all directions.

It was terrifying indeed; this was a Celestial Tool.


Pu, blood spurted from Ling Hans back, but he still couldnt be stopped in his tracks.

With a move of his left hand, he seized the celestial fruit.


All the six powerful elites became furious immediately.

This was a treasure that they were determined to obtain, and which they have been waiting for, for a long time.

Ling Han had thoroughly ignited their anger.

Boom, the attacks came out one after another, all targeting Ling Han.

Originally, Ling Han had been able to circulate the Indestructible Heavens Scroll for about an hour, but under the combined attacks of so many elites, the seals on his body had begun to flicker.

Fortunately, he finally didnt have to keep on withstanding the attacks.

Xiu, he activated the Regulations of Space, and he was already by the Empress side in one step.

He reached out and grabbed her before sending her into the Celestial Guest Residence.

He further threw in the celestial fruit, and sent a message via divine sense to the Empress.

Then, he laughed out loud and turned around, facing the six powerful elites who were boiling with anger.

“Hand over the celestial fruit, then I can spare you!” Niu Cangyu said.

“I only need one-tenth, as long as that is handed over to me, I can leave here immediately.” Diao You relented slightly.

“I also need only one-tenth, then I will leave immediately,” Rong Wenlin said.

One by one, the six powerful elites expressed their stand except for Gu Heyi.

Everyone only wanted one-tenth of the celestial fruit.

This was the same as their previous agreement with Gu Heyi, and was also the bottom line which they could accept.

As for how Ling Han and Gu Heyi distributed the remainder of the celestial fruit among themselves, it would be none of their business.

“Haha, you guys are thinking too much,” Ling Han said lightly.

“If you get out of here now, I can still spare all of you.

Otherwise, dont bother about leaving, your life will end here.”

“What a lunatic!”

“Utterly insane!”

“Attack together!”

The six powerful elites were all provoked, each launching powerful attacks, and aiming them at Ling Han.

Ling Han mainly focused on dodging the attacks.

The Divine Demon Sword was invincible, and defended incomparably tenaciously under the siege of the powerful elites.

Had it not been that the spiritual attacks were overwhelmingly terrifying, Ling Han could even have defended without sustaining any injury.

It was impossible to run away.

The six powerful elites had already encircled him and utilized their great abilities to restrict the surrounding space.

It might have been impossible for one person to do it, but under the joint efforts of the six powerful elites, it wasnt difficult to do so.

Besides, Ling Han didnt plan to escape.

Fight, fight, fight! Ling Han slashed with the Divine Demon Sword in his right hand, while his left hand used the Three Lightning Technique, aided by the Nine Transformations Divine Scroll.

The power of his attacks was extremely violent.

In terms of defense, the Indestructible Heavens Scroll was a force to be reckoned with, helping him out of danger time and time again.

One person battled against the six powerful elites!

Everyone was stunned.

They had already looked very highly upon Ling Han, but then they had come to the realization that they had still underestimated this person—he was unreasonably heaven-defying indeed.

“He cant hold on for long, theres bound to be mistakes, and that will be his death!” Gu Heyi said coldly, his resolve firm and unshakable.


The other five including Niu Cangyu agreed with him, and stepped up their attacks.

One day, 10 days, and then one month had passed, and the battle was still ongoing.

They were all truly infuriated by now, determined to kill Ling Han.

Ling Hans body was riddled with injuries.

After all, he was going against six people with battle prowess of the Eighth Heaven.

Coupled with such terrifying spiritual attacks, it was already extraordinary to be able to withstand them, so how could he not be injured

But Ling Han was getting stronger and stronger despite his wounds.

Accompanied by his battle cry, his fighting spirit was strong like iron, and his counterattacks were fierce.

The Divine Demon Sword swirled with brilliant radiance, unleashing Sword Qi all around.

Three months, and then half a year passed!

Ling Han paused for a moment, and suddenly began trying to break out of the encirclement aggressively.

“Dont even think about it!” The six powerful elites sneered.

They had confined the space.

If Ling Han wanted to break free, he would need at least 10 breaths time, which was enough time for them to catch up and kill him.

Ling Han swiped out with a hand, and a beautiful figure with a strong and unstable aura emanating from her body emerged.

It was the Empress!

As soon as she waved her hand, xiu, Ling Han immediately flew towards her.

His body shrank rapidly before he completely disappeared.

…He entered the Celestial Guest Residence.

“Damn it!” the six powerful elites roared.

“Call him out, or else die!” They were all extremely resolute, even Gu Heyi, who also expressed his admiration for the Empress.

Ling Han had to die, otherwise there would be endless troubles.

The Empress couldnt even be bothered to give them any regard, and didnt bother to answer at all.

“Take her down!” The six powerful elites all wanted to make a move as they couldnt give Ling Han a chance to heal.

This kind of person was too terrifying.

Once he was allowed to recover, his battle prowess might even reach a greater level than before.

The Empress smiled, so elegant and gorgeous that heaven and earth paled in comparison.

However, dark clouds rolled out, and a terrifying oppressive might materialized.

Heavenly tribulation.

It was the coming of heavenly tribulation!

The Empress had already refined a portion of the Greenish Black Flowing Ripple Fruit in the Celestial Guest Residence, which made her cultivation level progress greatly.

With the time acceleration effects, she had reached the peak stage of the Fifth Heaven, and was the first to be qualified to charge towards the Sixth Heaven.

With the appearance of heavenly tribulation, who would still dare to take action

Interfering with other peoples tribulation was one of the great disrespects to heaven and earth, and entailed extremely serious consequences.

The six powerful Celestial Kings stopped at the same time.

If they made another move, they would be bringing calamity upon themselves.

Gu Heyis gaze flickered.

He was a supreme monarch star.

In a certain sense, he wasnt afraid of heavenly tribulation.

However, the Empress was the object of his admiration.

If it wasnt absolutely necessary, he really didnt want to meet her in battle.

But after hesitating for a moment, he strengthened his resolve.

Ling Han had probably gone to refine the celestial fruit, and if he started to charge towards the Sixth Heaven… then it would be all over for them.

Under this premise, so what if it was the Empress


Gu Heyi brandished his sword.

Even if the heavenly tribulation were to strike, he still attacked the Empress.

“How dare you!!” The Empress snorted coldly.

Her arms waved, and two Divine Swords appeared in her hands at the same time—Ling Han had given her the Divine Demon Sword when he entered the Celestial Guest Residence.

Gu Heyi couldnt help but be startled.

Two Celestial Tools

Everyone was also stunned.

Two Celestial Tools!

Shua, the Empress did not hesitate for a bit, slashing with both swords, and Sword Qi shot upwards into the sky.

The combination of two Divine Swords was too extraordinary.

In addition, the Empress was about to break through to the Sixth Heaven; her own battle prowess was comparable to the late stage or even the peak stage of the Seventh Heaven, and she was capable enough to deliver Eighth-Heaven-level power with a Celestial Tool.

If it was just Gu Heyi alone, the Empress could block him!

Gu Heyi roared.

Perhaps Ling Han might have already refined the celestial fruit at this time.

Although he could still refine Ling Han himself to extract the essence, this would be a terrible feeling as he was not a man-eating demon, after all.

He had to suppress the Empress as soon as possible, pull out Ling Han, and kill him.

Otherwise, with every bit of time that passed, Ling Han would have refined an additional bit of essence of the celestial fruit.

The Empress wasnt fearful at all.

Although Gu Heyis battle prowess was higher than hers, he would have to go through a tribulation of the Seventh Heaven Celestial King Tier, so how much energy could he spare to attack her

At least within this day, she could still hold her ground steadily.

However, when the heavenly tribulation dissipated, the five powerful elites of Eighth Heaven would join the siege, and it would be really troublesome by then.

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