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Chapter 2635: Deliberately come to kill youTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“I, Fu Yunhai, will accept this Greenish Black Flowing Ripple Fruit!” The Celestial King in green laughed loudly, directly stretching out his hand to snatch the celestial fruit from the center of the lake.

“Brother Fu, you are too greedy!” A voice rang out, but a golden light had already shot over, heading towards Fu Yunhai. Boom! This large hand was immediately ripped apart, but the golden light was erased as well.

“Niu Cangyu” Fu Yunhai asked coldly, looking in a specific direction.

Xiu! With a flash of golden light, another Eighth Heaven Celestial King appeared.

He was only three feet tall, and was a dwarf, but no one dared to underestimate him.

His vitality was bubbling like multiple furious dragons.

It was probable that any of these dragons was capable of casually suppressing any Sixth Heaven Celestial King.

This dwarf was Niu Cangyu.

He cast an eye on the surroundings, and then cackled.

“Diao You, Xue Chengbai, Rong Wenlin, He Yi, what are you all cowering for Could it be that you people want to sit on the sidelines and take advantage of us”


As his words fell, three figures immediately shot over.

They were all Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings, and their aura was shocking.

They were all Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings, only a single step away from the pinnacle of the Celestial King Tier.

But the last person was slowly walking here from the horizon.

His hands were crossed behind his back.

Every step was extremely elegant, but no matter how one looked at it, he exuded the air of a show-off.

Seven ribbons of iridescent light wrapped around him, proving that he was only a Seventh Heaven Celestial King, yet he was capable of standing equal to Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings, so he was indeed qualified to show off.

He Yi… no, Gu Heyi!

Ling Hans eyes narrowed.

He stood up.

Gu Heyi, Xiao Yingxiong, and Miao Hua were the three people that he wanted to kill the most at present.

“Since we are all gathered now, let us decide whom the Greenish Black Flowing Ripple Fruit belongs to now,” Niu Cangyu said.

“SInce there are six of us, each of us will claim a sixth.

How about it”

“No!” Gu Heyi shook his head.

“I want half!”

“You!!” Niu Cangyu and the others all glared.

This guy was demanding half from the get-go.

Then didnt that mean that they could only each claim a tenth

“You have all reached the peak stage of the Eighth Heaven.

A tenth of the celestial fruit would be enough to help you to break through to the Ninth Heaven,” Gu Heyi stated calmly.

He was the one at peak-stage Seventh Heaven.

To say nothing of only one Greenish Black Flowing Ripple Fruit, even if there were 10, he would not be complaining that there were too many.

“Humph, what if we fail on our first attempt” Diao You asked coldly.

“Then I want half myself!”

“You Youre not worthy!” Gu Heyi glanced at him, and then treated him with complete disdain.

“How dare you!!” Diao You glared furiously at Gu Heyi.

“What about it Do you want to die” Gu Heyi scoffed.

“He Yi, we all know that you are very strong and freakish, but there are five peak-stage Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings here!” Niu Cangyu said, his gaze flashing.

It was unknown what he was thinking about.

Gu Heyi laughed loudly.

“For trash like you, even if three of you join forces, you would still not be a match for me!”

“But there are five of us!” Xue Chengbai replied, but it was a tacit admission of how strong Gu Heyi was.

Gu Heyi did not speak, but rather drew a sword directly.

Immediately, its cold light dazzled the heavens, so blinding it was a blur.

“Celestial Tool!” The expressions of Niu Cangyu and the others immediately became bitter.

Merely Gu Heyi alone was capable of matching three peak-stage Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings, and if there was a Celestial Tool thrown into the equation, he would not lose even if it was just him against five of them.

“Fine! You win!”

“If you want half, then half it is!”

Niu Cangyu and the others all conceded.

If it really came down to a battle, perhaps they could win, but it would definitely be a narrow victory.

Furthermore, if they were struck by the Celestial Tool, they could not bear to imagine the consequences.

Gu Heyi was calm and nonchalant.

Though he had forced five great Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings to submit to his will, he did not show a sliver of conceit.

That was because this could not be any more normal in his eyes.

He was a man that would become a Heavenly Venerate in the future, so what was the simple matter of forcing several Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings to submit worth

“As expected of Lord He Yi!”

“He is truly mighty!”

“Himself being a Seventh Heaven Celestial King, he can manage to force five great Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings to submit to him.

This is definitely something that would be known for generations!”

Everyone was extremely excited.

Their blood bubbled hotly at this scene, each person looking at Gu Heyi like an idol.

The six great Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings all descended towards the center of the lake.

Since the decision was made, it was now time for retrieval.


Right at this moment, a sword light swept past, so brilliant and blinding that everyone couldnt help but close their eyes.

However, they immediately snapped open their eyes in fear.

This was sword light.

Wasnt closing their eyes just committing suicide

Sword light swept past, yet Gu Heyi and company were forced to rise.

They did not dare to continue descending on the center of the lake.

A man with sword in hand stood on the banks of the lake, his black robes fluttering, as dashingly elegant as a deity.

It was none other than Ling Han.


“Has this guy gone mad”

“Lord He Yi has not called him out for an accounting yet, yet he actually dares to step out of his own volition”

“Furthermore, he has attacked six great elites all at the same time.

Does he think that he is Lord He Yi”

Everyone felt this was unbelievable.

They could no longer understand this world.

The six great elites all turned to look at Ling Han at the same time, and when they saw that Ling Han was only a Fifth Heaven Celestial King, they all looked surprised.

This was too much of an exaggeration, wasnt it Had he developed the courage of an Immortal Dragon

Yet Gu Heyi laughed loudly.

“So it is you!”

“I have deliberately come here to kill you!” Ling Han stated indifferently.

“Should I call you Zhang San or Li Si” Gu Heyi asked, unconcerned.

Though Ling Han was more freakish than the former was, the latter had been scrambling around like a rat under the hot pursuit of Gu Heyi, Xiao Yingxiong, and the other guy.

How could Gu Heyi take him to heart now

“My name is… Ling Han!” Ling Han answered.

“Heh, no matter what your name is, since I have seen you, you are dying without a doubt today!” Gu Heyis expression was completely disdainful, but when he said the last few words, he revealed an intense killing intent.

This man was more freakish than Gu Heyi was, so he had to be hiding a great secret.

Gu Heyi would kill him and take this secret for himself.

“However, I do not have the time to deal with you now, so just wait here for now.” Gu Heyi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and the heaven and earth manifested.

He actually manifested a human figure.

He then instilled a sliver of his divine sense within, and that figure made of Regulations immediately filled up and became realistic.

The human figure charged towards Ling Han. Boom! It was emitting an incredibly strong aura, and even an ordinary Seventh Heaven Celestial King would feel fear at seeing it.

“Heavens, Lord He Yi is actually as strong as this!”

“Simply drawing on Regulations casually, inserting a sliver of his spirit, and it would possess battle prowess that could overwhelm a Seventh Heaven.”

“The greatest prodigy! The greatest prodigy!”

Everyone was numb with shock.

Even Niu Cangyu and company were extremely wary.

This young man was really too frightening.

If he broke through to the Eighth Heaven, then the five of them added together wouldnt even be a match for him single-handedly, right

Sigh, why had that young man called “Ling Han” sought his own death The strength of the two of them was not even on the same level, and now Gu Heyi had to retrieve the celestial fruit first.

Once he was free, eliminating Ling Han would only be a thought for him.

Shua, a sword light swept out, and that figure of Regulations was already slashed in two.

Swaying and trembling, it wanted to put itself back together again, but with the rush of destructive power, it immediately turned into countless pieces.

An existence that was capable of suppressing a Seventh Heaven Celestial King had actually been eliminated with a single strike


Everyone was grabbing their head, exclaiming in shock.

They were completely incapable of believing their own eyes.

Ling Han sheathed his sword, and stated evenly, “I already said it: I have deliberately come to kill you!”

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